Made with Xara Boogie Down Like a Unicorn The Crystal Ball - A Yule Ball hosted by hp-ohio at a real castle in Ohio. 18+ Harry Potter Days at Loveland Castle.  All ages. Members in hp-ohio socialize at monthly meet-ups called Harry Huddles.  Past huddles include pub parties, Harry Potter trivia, game nights, book release parties, movie release parties, the Final Battle at laser tag, D.A. practice at Magiquest, tea at Madam Puddifoot’s, Care of Magical Creatures at the zoo, book discussions and rereads, Halloween Parties, the annual Yule Ball, events at Ohio Castles, Quiddtich tournaments, 15 Chapters of Camping, Weasley Sweater Christmas, and more! To receive an invitation for future Harry Huddles and events follow @hpohio on twitter, join the Facebook group, and if you are over 18 please register on our forums! Disclaimer: hp-ohio is an unofficial fan site and is in no way attempting to claim rights over the Harry Potter books, its characters or anything affiliated with the Harry Potter franchise. We just adore them. We'd rather not be sued or poked with sharp sticks for creating this. Thanks.