Made with Xara Join Now, Hex Free! So you want to join hp-ohio? Well there are very few requirements to be a member of this group. Really, you just have to ask yourself two simple questions: 1. Are you a Harry Potter fan? 2. Are you what the general populous considers an Adult? If you have answered "YES" to the above, congratulations, you meet all of the requirements to join our band of miscreants.  Please head over to the forums  and our facebook group to sign up. If you have answered "YES" to the first question and "NO" to the second, then that's swell and we'll welcome you with open arms when you hit 18 years on this earth and can cross over that Age Line we envoked. Until then, there are plenty of other places in the fandom to go to and converse. How to Use the Forums Follow this link to a handy presenation (pdf) on using the hp-ohio forums. Disclaimer: hp-ohio is an unofficial fan site and is in no way attempting to claim rights over the Harry Potter books, its characters or anything affiliated with the Harry Potter franchise. We just adore them. We'd rather not be sued or poked with sharp sticks for creating this. Thanks.